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  • What is South Geeks?

    South Geeks builds high-performing software engineering teams with talent from Latin America for companies worldwide looking to accomplish bold IT projects with cost-effective, excellent service.

  • Why did you name your company South Geeks?

    South: We come from the South West part of the globe. Our co-founders were born in Argentina and had their careers take off throughout Latin America. Along the way, they met many talented colleagues, most in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay.

    Geeks: Let’s face it, when it comes to technology, we all want it handled by the ones that know it all… those who we affectionately call “geeks”. Only they can resolve seemingly impossible problems with just a few clicks without losing their cool. That’s why we love them.

  • Why should I work with South Geeks?

    At South Geeks, we care deeply about connecting our clients with the best talent to bring their brilliant tech ideas to life. 

    Our company was born in response to a widening industry epidemic in which low-cost developers were poorly vetted in favor of saving companies money, often times at exponentially larger costs in the untimely and improper completion of projects. So we made it our daily mission to prove that there is a better solution. 

    We understand that delivering the best product and service requires sourcing talent from a pool of qualified candidates. For each software development project, we carefully vet the required competencies across a pool of 14,200+ professionals and have the selected candidates undergo rigorous testing before presenting them to our clients. 

    We’re a socially responsible company with a business model centered upon rewarding developers with truly competitive rates to ensure the highest quality work. That’s why both clients and developers love working with us.

  • Where is the Company located?

    South Geeks was established as an LLC in Wyoming, US, by two co-founders from Argentina. The company has a robust team of expert software engineers distributed all across Latin America to be able to meet a wide-range of client needs.


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