Find out Why You Should Move to an Outsourcing Company

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10.27.2023 20:15
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Discover wich employer is the right one for you

By Barbara Macheret

If you are an IT professional, you’re surely familiar with the never-ending debate about which employer is the right one for you. Although this is an individual choice, aiming for a job within outsourcing companies is a growing trend that seems appealing to most engineers nowadays. This is so thanks to the comparative advantages this situation presents from several standpoints.

Thanks to the ability to work remotely and asynchronous communication tools, the chance to participate in a global project is now widely available. The opportunity to interact in multicultural teams and contribute to initiatives using state-of-the-art technologies makes international ventures interesting. Instead of counting on side gigs, you might find on a freelancer website to endure forever, outsourcing companies are where you should go to accomplish this on a consistent basis.

Letting you focus on what you are passionate about is a great advantage outsourcing companies have compared to freelancing. They handle contracts and payments and all you have to do is your job… Forget about billing disputes and the hours spent on administrative tasks. Besides, they usually offer their own benefits so you can take advantage of them, too!

Although technology companies usually have above-market salaries and the demand for skilled professionals is never satisfied, it’s also true that a significant number of layoffs have taken place lately in this business. Therefore, if you wish to minimize risks outsourcing companies may be the right employer for you since the diversification of clients reduces the likelihood of being fired - most have the possibility of assigning you to a different project and some even have Engineers “on the bench” until the next project starts.

The need for tech-related professionals is now present in every business, ranging from finances to medicine and education. While being part of a product company may let you become an expert in a certain field, belonging to the staff of an outsourcing company will let you pursue new interests in diverse businesses without the fatigue of having to change jobs every time you wish to explore a different niche.

And what happens if there are no career development opportunities available in your current job? You’ll probably quit and look for a new opportunity. We know this is so time and energy consuming…! Those who work for outsourcing firms can ask for a change of client and, once again, accomplish this move with much less effort. If you’re looking for a leadership role, more up-to-date technologies, or even the boldest move as switching from Software engineering to the Data world, belonging to an outsourcing company will most certainly make that move less risky and stressful.

We at South Geeks offer many benefits, which include training and development opportunities, professionals entirely focused on your well-being at work and all our projects are long-term, 100% remote, and paid in US dollars. Check out our available openings at South Geeks if you are considering a career shift and an outsourcing company is your preferred destination!