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11.30.2023 12:17
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South Geeks' Initiatives

By Paula Sosa

The landscape of work has transformed dramatically in recent years, with remote work becoming the norm for companies worldwide.

To build a productive remote work environment, it is essential to lay down some ground rules. Clearly define roles, responsibilities, and performance metrics for each team member. At South Geeks, we get together every quarter to update all staff members on different company information, such as growth indicators, survey data, financial health, new projects in each area, etc. Also, a reflection space called Personal Purpose is also carried out with each member of the staff, where you can discover different aspects of your work related to your personal likes, goals, and motivations.

Another important aspect is maintaining effective communication. This is the cornerstone of remote work success. Foster open channels for communication, using various tools like video calls, chat apps, and emails. At South Geeks, we're all about transparency, using internal communication, Slack channels, and emails to keep everyone in the loop.

Trust is the foundation of any successful team, and it is even more critical in a remote work environment. High-performing team members need to trust their colleagues and leaders. Show trust by giving autonomy, respecting deadlines, and steering clear of micromanagement. Our leaders are all about macro management – none of that hovering over your shoulder stuff.

Moreover, we leverage technology to enhance collaboration and productivity. We're all about tools such as Bamboo, My Drive, and Institutional Web. We also incorporate AI technology into our processes to improve results.

It's also important to show appreciation and recognition, which plays a crucial role in retaining high-performing team members in a remote environment. In South Geeks, we implement the MVG which is a monthly recognition with an Amazon gift card for those who rocked it in the past month, whether it is an accomplishment, project, feedback from the manager, etc. We offer an objective bonus.

On the other hand, top talent often seeks opportunities for growth and development. Investing in their professional development not only benefits the individual but also adds value to the team. At South Geeks, we promote continuous training in different areas of knowledge, that's why we have a Udemy corporate membership. We encourage you to take individual English classes and enjoy every Workshop and Learning path. We are launching a program called MeJourney so that each member can figure out their professional development.

Fostering a Strong Team Culture is key, whether you're in an office or scattered across the globe. OUR CORE VALUES ARE EPIC, more than anything, our company is driven by our values which are epic: *We strive for excellence * We put people first * We act with integrity * We empower collaboration.

Scheduled check-ins and performance reviews are crucial to keep tabs on team members' progress, identify areas for improvement, and offer guidance. We do 1:1 meetings where you have the leader's feedback and you can share how you are feeling. We carry out engagement and performance surveys for all of our company members to receive feedback from our collaborators.

Finally, encourage work-life balance by respecting working hours, offering flexible schedules, and promoting time off. A well-rested and balanced team is more likely to deliver exceptional results consistently. At South Geeks, we work 100 % remotely, we enjoy wellness news and we can also have coaching sessions and a therapy space. To improve our workspace, we can also use MeCredit, and buy different stuff to make a better workspace.

By applying these principles, you can build a remote work environment that not only attracts top talent but also empowers them to excel and drive your organization's success.