What Do People Value the Most from Working from Home?

Remote Work
10.16.2023 20:18
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Benefits of remote work

By Paula Sosa

After the pandemic, working remotely has become increasingly popular bringing with it a mix of challenges and opportunities.

According to the survey we carried out, spending time with your loved ones and with your pets has been what stood out the most about remote work.

For those who previously spent long hours commuting to and from work, this way of work has given them the gift of more time with their partners and their pets. This can be a much-needed change, particularly for those who have been feeling disconnected or stressed from the daily grind.

Working online has allowed families to engage in more shared activities and more quality time with loved ones. By setting boundaries and creating a healthy work-life balance, working remotely has made it possible for people to prioritize their relationships and spend more time with those they love.

On the other hand, having a pet at home while working can be a great way to stay company, reduce stress, and increase productivity if you manage it in the right way. Working remotely with pets can be a great experience, but it's important to set limitations like schedule time for play and exercise and keep the workspace clean and quiet. With the right approach, you can enjoy spending time with your pet while also being productive and successful in your work.

In conclusion, spending time with loved ones has been one of the biggest benefits of remote work. It has allowed families - including its furry members!- to connect and bond in new ways, resulting in stronger relationships and a better work-life balance. While remote work has presented its own set of challenges, it has also provided an opportunity for people to spend more time with those they care about.

At South Geeks we prioritize the well-being of people and balance your professional goals with your personal needs. Because of that, all of our work opportunities are 100% remote - so if you are looking for remote opportunities, join our team!